Soaring Away: Statute of Turkish Air Sports Federation (‘’TASF’’) Published in the Official Gazette dated 2 November 2017

On 21 April 2017, pursuant to Annex Article 9 of the Law No:3289, the TASF, which has been a deputy-chairmanship within the Federation of Developing Sports-Branch of Turkey since 2013, was established as an independent sports federation with the approval of the Prime Minister’s office.
Abdülkadir Güzeloğlu

 Now, after seven months, the Legislator has officially published the Statute of the TASF, in order to tackle vagueness concerning the status, organization scheme, composition and formation of governing bodies of the TASF. Throughout the Statute, it is seen that the structure of default template for the independent sports federations was adhered.

 It can be asserted that the Statute will be opening a new chapter in fierce debate within the triangle of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the TASF and the Turkish Aeronautical Association as to the determining the exclusive national representative of the air sports before prominent governing bodies, including World Air Sports Federation, European Aviation Safety Agency, International Air Cadet Exchange Association.

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Author: Abdülkadir Güzeloğlu
Relevant Fields: Sports Law